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Revision History of This FAQ

Page history last edited by Ant 7 years, 5 months ago

2013.04.26 Revision History of This FAQ


2000.01.02 -- First FAQ released to the public!


... Other minor revisions not listed anymore ...


2005.07.08 -- Updated USDA Web site URL.


2005.11.25 -- Updated sections: 2.2 due to a broken link and revised texts. 3.1 to fix a partially inaccurate part and added new information. 3.2 to fix an URL.


2006.04.07 -- FAQ converted and slightly revised for PBwiki with the help of Dark Herring. Changed Dr. Ant's e-mail address.


2007.02.10 -- Removed myrmecology.info references all over since it is gone (confirmed by the owner).


2007.03.09 -- Removed antcolonyorg links since it is no longer exists and has pornography (thanks Reacker). Also, updated Andrea Schmidt (aka Jinei)'s e-mail address.


2009.08.05 -- Fixed dates for ant species population.


2010.04.18 -- Added new information to a few common questions, fixed broken/outdated links, etc.


2010.05.10 -- Added a new link to Ant Farm section and others.


2010.06.05 -- Added a new link to a section.


2010.08.11 -- Added minor information about mated queens sometimes still have wings.


2011.07.07 -- Fixed broken links because of apostrophes in URLs and other minor updates. :(


2011.09.06 -- Added a new page titled "Are there any good ant anatomy pictures?".


2012.12.29 -- Fixed a home page/table of contents' missing link and updated species number in "How many different species of ant are there?".


2013.04.26 -- Minor updates.

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